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Aerosphere certificates Our Products and Services

Aerosphere specializes in surface treatment by compressive shot peening on metal parts, predominantly in the aerospace industry and industrial energy production sector.

Compression Peening (Shot Peening) involves projecting micro-beads of steels, glass or other various media on the surface of the metallic component surfaces to improve performance and technical qualities.

We offer in combination or separately:

Saturation Shot Peening, which helps increase fatigue life of various structural components like Rib, Spars, Brackets, Skins (Wing, Stabilizer, etc…), component with high torsion or axial stress, etc.). It also improves fatigue life and overall performance on landing gear, Aircraft and other engine components, industrial gear for industrial power unit components, etc. This process increases performance and resistance to cracking thus increases the service life duration. Saturation Shot Peening can be applied to any metallic component whose function is to undergo repetitive or constant stress, where the maximum yield limit of the specific material is often within the required operating limits. The process of Saturation Shot Peening also serves to improve the adhesion as an excellent surface texture for the surface protection applied subsequently.

"Flap Peening" or "Roto Peen" is mostly used for on-site aircraft repairs when there is a need for locallized Shot Peening or when the presence of shot could create the potential for Foreign Object Damage (FOD) that could interfere with equipment operation. The process of 'Flap Peening' or 'Roto Peen' can also be used for the localized forming of components whose fitting would be necessary during assembly.

Shot Peen Forming alters the profile of a component without modifying the mechanical properties, such as the wing skins, wing structure, or stabilizer. This is an ideal process for medium to large components with complex shapes, where 5-axis machining is not possible or is not cost efficient. Peen Forming can be applied with or without Shot Peening.

Shot Peen Straightening makes it possible to straighten components (machined or otherwise) without changing the original mechanical properties of the manufactured base material. This technique is mainly used on monolithic machined parts when the result of the Shot Peen releases the induced residual stresses of the Milled raw material or the machining. This method can also be utilized as a strategy for reducing costs at machining. In this case, Peen Straightening is used in conjuncture with various machining technique to improve machining time and increase the overall part quality by providing final configuration shape control.

aerosphere produits et services

Thanks to portable self reclaim equipment, we have the possibility to provide onsite services if necessary for certain types of repairs or projects. This is especially beneficial in instances when components are too large or cannot be moved.

In addition to the above services, we offer various support services including manufacturabity validation when designing different components. (wing, large component, checking fixtures, etc.) Furthermore, we manage a complete supplier chain for a turnkey approach for a complete product on a single purchase order. (One Stop Shop)

List of aircraft for which we presently supply components (Non-Exhaustive):

Airbus 350 WXB
Bombardier C Series 100 et 300
Bombardier Challenger 350 et 650
Bombardier Dash 8-400
Bombardier Global 5000 et 6000
Bombardier Global 7000
Bombardier LearJet 70 et 75
Bombardier Régional Jet 200, 700, 900, 1000
Boeing 787
Boeing 777
Boeing 737